Astrology is a science of studying the psychology of planets. Each and every planet like human beings has a specific & defined behavior on the basis of its nature, character & temperament. Infact a human adopts his nature, character, temperament from the planet that he is ruled by. One needs to just study the behavior of planets in order to give accurate predictions.

Like a human life and human traits each and every planet has their own houses, friends & enemies. They feel comfortable in their own houses or in their friends house but not in their enemies house. Like we know each & every planet revolves around the sun & each of them have their specific duration of rotations & revolutions, during their rotations coincidently but naturally they come in conjunction with other planets which might be their friends or mite be their enemies. Hence naturally, when a planet meets his/her friendly planet their behavior is good, harmonious, benefic & prosperous in various ways depending on their nature & the environment that they are in at that particular moment. So taking vice versa into consideration when a planet meets its enemy planet but naturally they would either react against each other or not react at all or the weaker one might get suppressed depending on the circumstances. This in simple terms means that the effect on the native depends on the nature of planet, its strength & its conjunction with other planets.

There are 12 houses owned by the nine planets in a birth chart. Each & every house has a caretaker known as “rashi’s or star signs”. Depending on the positioning of rashi’s we can recognize which house belongs to which planet. Since there are 12 houses there have to be 12 rashi’s.

Each & every native is born at a particular time & under a particular planetary position & that determines each & every aspect of the native like his nature, temperament, luck, career, marriage, future & all various other aspects.

The benefic or malefic effect of the planet depends on its position & strength at the time of birth.

If the planets are weak their effect is slow or less & vice versa, irrespective of benefic or malefic.

On the basis of being negative we provide remedial measure to those planets in form of donations on specific days, mantra japa, Astro gemstones, Rudraksha beads, yantras & so on….

This is just a brief summary on astrology & its remedies. The science is deeper than the ocean & as one goes deeper he shall keep learning the unexpected.

20 Responses to Astrology

  1. pankaj garg says:

    hi sir mein apse yeh janna chahta ho ki meri sirf dob hai bt tym kisi ko nahi pata nd sir ab mein kaam ke liye nd apni shaadi ke liye bht pareshan ho kaise karoo sir lyf bht jyada complicated ho gayi hai kahi baar to bht jyada -ve feelings bhi aati hai plz sir help me m frm muzaffar nagar u.p.

  2. sachin says:

    sir my date of birth is 15 July 1988 and time is 8.30am, Delhi India
    sir main apne career or marriage k bare main janna chata hu

  3. sujit kumar sinha says:

    pranam, mera koi v kam safal nahi hota.mai kya karu.kis field me kam karu. D.O.B-14/05/1983 time-08.30 p.m.

  4. PRIYA says:

    DOB- 30/11/88
    TIME- 9:50 AM

    QUES- SIR,


    • Acharya Vijender Kumar Upadhyay says:

      u have a lack of confidence so u can not decide properly. u must do GYATRI MANTRA JAAP BOTH TIME . AFTER HARD WORKING U CAN GET GOVT JOB AFTER 2014.

  5. jatinder says:

    jatider D.O,B.28.6.1972 B.O.P.Y AmUNA NAGtureAR what is my future what is my career my career is lost jab se jindgi sambli hai tab se jeavan se fight kar rha hu na apna kraobar mehai na apna makan hai aap ki healp ki jaurat hai healp

  6. Sukhvinder Kumar Gill says:

    Sir my DOB 18feb1977 TOB 8:37pm,Place kapurthala Punjab India, I still struggling with my life, someone told me to wear Greenish Yellow sapphire and pray Ganesha. I want to settle in abroad what should I do sir Please guide Thanks

  7. Hetul says:

    Date of Birth- 08/11/1990
    time- 17:05
    Himatnagar, Gujarat, India

    When my marriage will done? i have facing problem on find the partner..

  8. anjubala verma says:

    Her husband always beats him.
    what will be his future if her husband always beats him

  9. Mithilesh Kumar Mishra says:

    My DOB 03-11-1981, Time around 03 pm noon place Allahabad
    I have the question regarding my future like,
    My house, my job & best income sources, putra prapti.

  10. Kamali says:

    I want to know about my future,
    My name is M.Kamali
    My date of Birth is:- 22/January/1978
    Place of birth :- Talalangadu, Tiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu, India
    Nationality:- Indian
    English Zodiac Sign:- Aquarius
    Tamil Zodiac Sign:- Gemini

  11. pramod yadav says:

    i want to know my careere
    sir iam confused in which field i shoud study plz tell me sir

  12. pramod yadav says:

    dear sir,
    my name is pramod yadav
    dob 20/05/1992
    place of birth is nashik maharashtra,india

  13. preeti says:

    what is my future?how is my carer?how will be my marreid life?

  14. Dharmendra Solanki says:

    Sir what is future. what is my career
    DoB :- 09-05-1993
    Place of DoB :- Surendranagar,Gujarat,India

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